Journal Articles

Drummond, R. and Carrie, E. (in preparation) ‘Regional identity and grime’.

Carrie, E. and McKenzie, R. M. (2017; early view) ‘American or British? L2 speakers’ recognition and evaluations of accent features in English.’ Journal of Multilingual and Multicultural Development. (post-print available here)

Carrie, E. (2017) ‘‘British is professional, American is urban’: Attitudes towards English reference accents in Spain.’ International Journal of Applied Linguistics, 27(2) pp. 427-447


Conference Proceedings

Carrie, E. (2013) ‘Evaluating and imitating English pronunciation models: Language attitudes and language use amongst learners in Spain.’ In Proceedings of the Third International Conference on English Pronunciation: Issues & Practices (EPIP3). 8-10 May 2013. Murcia, Spain: Universidad de Murcia, pp. 14-17.


Conference Presentations

The accent van: Methods in community-oriented linguistics research (with Rob Drummond)
UK Language Variation and Change 11, Cardiff University, 2017

Posh, artsy, rough, country and working-class: Perceptions of urban language varieties in Manchester (with Rob Drummond)
Sociolinguistics Symposium 21, Universidad de Murcia, 2016

Admiring and acquiring?: Linking language attitudes and language variation
UK Language Variation and Change 10, University of York, 2015

Evaluating and imitating English pronunciation models: Language attitudes and language use amongst learners in Spain
Third International Conference on English Pronunciation: Issues & Practices, Universidad de Murcia, 2013

Variety recognition and evaluations of American and British English speech
Postgraduate Linguistics Workshop, University of St Andrews, 2013

Evaluating the ‘standards’: Non-native speakers’ attitudes towards two varieties of English speech
Manchester Forum in Linguistics, University of Manchester, 2012

Attitudes, perceptions and behaviours in a cross-linguistic context
LEL Postgraduate Conference, University of Edinburgh, 2011

Varieties of English: What foreign learners believe, know and practise
Postgraduate Conference in Linguistics, Newcastle University, 2011; Summer School of Sociolinguistics 3 (SSS3), University of Glasgow, 2011; Meeting of the Societas Linguistica Europaea, Universidad de La Rioja, 2011; International Conference on the Linguistics of Contemporary English, Universitat Osnabruck, 2011


Invited Papers

The accent van: Methods in community language and identity research
University of Huddersfield, 2016


Conference Organisation

Postgraduate Linguistics Workshop
University of St Andrews, March 2013

I was awarded a GRADskills Innovation Grant by the University of St Andrews in 2012 to host a postgraduate Linguistics workshop on language acquisition and language variation and change.



Review of Coulmas, F. (2013) Sociolinguistics: The study of speakers’ choices. Journal of Language and Politics 15(6) pp. 831-832.

Anonymous reviews for Palgrave and the Forum for Modern Language Studies

Referee for Language Awareness and the International Journal of Applied Linguistics