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ITV News
What does the Manchester accent say about you?
Manchester study finds the region’s accents are going strong

Manchester Evening News
Scally or posh? Greater Manchester accent map shows what people think about the way YOU talk
Greater Manchester accents: How you think you’re perceived by the way you speak
Help to create a unique map of how we speak in Greater Manchester
Hospikle, areet, barm and nesh – the words people only say where you live

Mancunian Matters
Stop ya chattin’! Man Met Uni linguist on ‘accent loyalty’, dialect maps and stereotypes

About Manchester
Posh, broad, working class or arty? How Manchester’s dialect is perceived
Create your own dialect map of Greater Manchester

Manchester Confidential
Artsy, rough or soft: What does your accent say about you?

The Bolton News
Manchester Metropolitan University language experts celebrate the Bolton accent and its ‘lickle’ differences

The Bury Times
A new exhibition shows that not even the people of Bury can agree the real pronunciation of the town

The Conversation
Why so many singers sound American – but British grime artists are bucking the trend

Daily Mail
Why Adele, Mick Jagger and even Ozzy Osbourne sound American: Researchers reveal singing can ‘neutralise’ any accent

The Independent
Why UK grime artists are staying true to their regional roots, unlike other pop stars who sound American

Humanity Hallows
Manchester Voices launch celebrates accents, dialects and people of Greater Manchester

The Northern Quota
Manchester Voices research project sets out to find out how to define a ‘Mancunian accent’

The University Paper
Manchester researchers discover what your dialect says about you

Poll finds sexiest and least attractive accents

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