I am currently a Lecturer in Linguistics in the Department of Languages, Information and Communications at Manchester Metropolitan University. I have taught a number of undergraduate and postgraduate units, including:

  • Language in Society
  • Fundamentals in Linguistics
  • Language and Its Structure 2: Syntax and Semantics
  • Intercultural Communication
  • Language Variation
  • Research Methods
  • Principles of Language and Linguistics
  • Sociolinguistics

I also lead two Master’s programmes in Linguistics and English Language/Studies and am currently developing a unit entitled Social Psychology of Language to be launched later in the 2017-18 academic year on our new network of programmes.

I am interested in supervising PhDs on the following topics:

  • language variation and change (phonetic, phonological and lexical)
  • language attitudes
  • perceptual dialectology
  • accent, dialect and attitude acquisition (especially in an L2)
  • language and identity